AccuShader | A Physically Based Shading Plugin for Fusion

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AccuShader | A Physically Based Shading Plugin for Fusion

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Now You Can Have The Power Of Physical Based Shading Inside Of the Most Powerful Compositing Software in the World!!

Physical Based Shading is the Industry Standard in Almost Every Professional 3D Software.

And Now It Is In Your Hands!!

AccuShader Let's You Create Photo-Realistic Materials with Ease.

Complete with Image Based Lighting And Built-in Displacement, AccuShader goes above and beyond your expectations for a Material Creation Tool.

With AccuShader, you can Import Professionally Made Materials into Fusion, as Well as Create Your Very Own Materials with the Help of the AccuShader Toolbox.

Features Include:


Complete with 20 High Quality Procedure Material Presets that you can Customize and Learn from to create your very own shader.

AccuShader Preset Browser

AccuShader has Intuitive parameters that artists can easily tweak to get the look that they want.

AccuShader also gives you the power to create Soft Reflections from an Environment Map without any seams or distortion.

Advanced Shading

Equipped with advanced interactive features methods like:

  • Anisotropy

  • Clearcoat

  • Transmission

  • Transmission Roughness

  • Built-In Displacement(Parallax Occlusion Mapping)

  • Support for Metallic Workflows

  • Support for Specular Workflow

  • And More

Advanced Patterns

Not only does this Plugin Suite include a Principled Shader, but it also comes with various pattern noise generators that you can combine to make your very own Materials. 

Patterns Include:

  • Turbulent Noise

  • Worley Noise

  • Voronoi

  • Bricks

  • Herringbone

  • Diamond Plate 

  • and More.

Environment Maps

Not only does AccuShader support Environment Maps,                                                        But it also comes with a Environment Maps browser that lets you quickly choose various Environments with even leaving Fusion.

AccuShader Environment Map Browser

One License May Be Used by 1 User on up to 2 Machines


1. This Plugin Only Works in the Studio Versions of Fusion and Davinci Resolve, the Free Versions are Not Supported.

2. This Plugin will only work in Fusion and Davinci Resolve 17.1+, Older versions are not Supported

3. This Plugin Works on only Windows and Mac, Linux isn't supported    


If you have any questions,
Please Contact me at

Thank you                                      

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